Stellar’s Business Advisory Team helps organisations of all shapes and sizes capitalise on the efficiencies, advantages and opportunities presented by data and analytics. We work with business decision makers to identify and quantify business value, and can turn their ideas into a realistic action plan designed to gain the most from any investment.

Making an informed, fact-based decision for your business – or playing a hunch. The difference often comes down to the quality of your data. Stellar Consulting’s Data Practice works with organisations to support reliable and accurate decision making. Our team can quickly design solutions to support secure data warehousing, management and migration.

In this age of digital disruption, analytics defines the competitive battlefield. Organisations investing in analytics are profiting from a competitive advantage, while those struggling to make sense of their data may not survive. At Stellar, we help our customers gain the upper hand with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

At Stellar, our consultants draw upon their expertise in Data Science, combining skills in business, statistics and computing. They use methods such as classification, clustering, regression and simulation to provide a specific analysis or to integrate advanced analytics into regular processes to further optimise business operations.