For 110 years, Plunket has been giving New Zealand children the best possible start in life.

The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society provides a health, development and wellbeing service to every child in the country, designed to make a difference during each child’s first 1000 days.

Like many non-profit organisations, Plunket has been focusing on the essential roles of technology and information. In April 2016, Mike Rankin was brought aboard as head of business intelligence, to devise initiatives and lead Plunket through a data-driven transformation.

Using data and analytics, Plunket aims to predict each child’s likelihood of various health, social and environmental outcomes. That’s not only good news for children; Mike notes that just a 1 per cent improvement in outcomes would contribute $1.8 billion to the New Zealand economy each year.

Working with Stellar

“I partnered with Stellar because they have a very strategic mindset. They understand the long-term objective, and take it into account when calculating where they can add value. There’s a whole bunch of small steps to get to the big strategic goals, but the work we’re doing enables nurses to do more, faster, and with greater compassion because of the understanding we’re creating.”

The solution devised by Stellar uses Microsoft SQL Server, Integration Services, and SharePoint to provide fresh data daily to a dashboard which is accessible through the Power BI service.

“The solution highlights metrics and context that enable Plunket to better manage staff caseloads and delivery performance,” says Stellar senior consultant Jason Campbell. “It enables them to make sure that crucial child milestones are met in time, and assists staff to more efficiently plan appointments with clients.”

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