Sandra Bodmin, Stellar Consulting Group By Sandra Bodmin, Professional Services Practice Lead at Stellar

The ability to tell a story is a key skill set we look for when we’re recruiting at Stellar.

What is data storytelling? Kat Greenbrook sums it up nicely in a short post on Linked In. As Kat says, “data storytelling uses data to help support the communication of a series of events.” That “series of events” is the story.

Data storytelling is about bringing data to life for our customers in a visual way that can create the “ah-ha moment” that informs and empowers decision making.

As consultants we are uncovering our customers’ stories – with them. What we can’t forget is that this requires a greater shift to embracing and nurturing creativity, curiosity, collaboration and social intelligence, so as we can craft more effective data stories.

Here’s Kat again: “Good data storytellers have identified their key message, include only event data to help convey this, and understand the best way to communicate with their specific audience.”

We’re always on the lookout for people who can tell a story with data. If this sounds like you, check out the Careers at Stellar page.

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