Sandra Bodmin, Stellar Consulting GroupBy Sandra Bodmin, Professional Services Practice Lead

I really enjoyed this TED talk about knowing and communicating your value. It’s for everyone, but particularly tailored to women in business.

The speaker is pricing consultant Casey Brown, who says no one will ever pay you what you’re worth. They’ll only ever pay you what they think you’re worth.

She continues:

I approach this today through the lens of the woman business owner, because in my work I’ve observed that women underprice more so than men. The gender wage gap is a well-traveled narrative in [the USA]. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a woman employee earns just 83 cents for every dollar a man earns. What may surprise you is that this trend continues even into the entrepreneurial sphere. A woman business owner earns just 80 cents for every dollar a man earns. In my work, I’ve often heard women express that they’re uncomfortable communicating their value, especially early on in business ownership.

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