Business Intelligence

Successful businesses know that to stay ahead of the competition, they must look to the future.

Historical, or even real-time, information is no longer enough.

Today’s business leaders want business intelligence (BI) tools that will help them answer questions such as “what will happen next?” and, more importantly, “what should my next move be?”.

Advanced analytics (predictive and prescriptive analytics) employ algorithms, techniques and approaches that are capable of unlocking the full value in “Big Data.”

At Stellar, our consultants draw upon their expertise in data science, combining skills in business intelligence, statistics and computing. They use methods such as classification, clustering, regression and simulation to provide a specific analysis for a unique problem or to integrate advanced analytics into regular processes.

The insights gained from these techniques can then be used to further optimise business operations and identify opportunities.

Artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, enables machines to understand language and solve problems – even to “think” of new data models that will lead to better predictions. From the user’s point of view, interrogating the data becomes much easier when machines understand our questions and can apply cognitive analytics to deliver the answers.

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