Data & Analytics Strategy

Today’s global digital economy demands that every organisation do more with less to remain competitive. We help leading businesses find value and advantage in their data, and chart a course of action for them to reap the rewards.

We help our customers shine on the global stage by putting the power of information in the hands of every decision maker.

Intelligent organisations empowered by insights – that’s Business Intelligence, and it’s where we excel.

Stellar’s business advisory team helps organisations of all shapes and sizes capitalise on the efficiencies, advantages and opportunities presented by data and analytics. We work with business decision makers to identify and quantify business value, and turn their ideas into a realistic Business Intelligence Strategy designed to gain the most from any investment.

Using Stellar’s unique 7 Essentials of BI Success framework, we also make sure we are covering all of the bases to ensure long-term success. The framework draws on our deep real-world experience in designing, implementing and supporting Business Intelligence solutions, and helps to bring focus to the often-overlooked people and process factors that are so critical to on-going success.


Data & Analytics Strategy Process

The road to better BI is seldom straight, but Stellar’s experienced business advisory team know all the twists and turns. We’ll assess your existing BI capabilities and analyse your business information needs. We’ll work with you to develop a detailed roadmap to maximise your BI assets with clear and simple steps to improve each area.

Stellar can also provide focused advice on business process optimisation, customer analytics and engagement, and applying data and analytics for business innovation.

We’ll work with you to implement these in your business, and that includes identifying quick-win tactical initiatives to gain momentum while we help you build a world-class BI capability.

Four-stage BI strategy development process


Current State Assessment

We use Stellar’s BI Maturity Model to provide a current state summary of your BI capability. This includes a detailed assessment of current BI initiatives against our 7 Essentials of BI Success model.


Requirements & Opportunities

We then use the 7 Essentials of BI Success to define requirements and opportunities for BI success across your business. We examine how information is currently used in the different parts of the organisation.


Strategic Vision

Based on our findings in Steps 1 and 2, we work with you to draft your business intelligence strategy. This defines the importance of BI to your business and shows how it will deliver results in a defined cost/benefit “sweet spot”.


Strategic Roadmap

In this phase we focus on constructing a prioritised, pragmatic set of initiatives aimed at heading your organisation toward its strategic vision for BI. This includes detailed recommendations on all areas of activity identified in Step 1 to advance BI maturity.

Cloud Services Strategy

Alongside Big Data, Social and Mobile, the Cloud is one of the most important trends in today’s digital world. To stay competitive, the question is not “if” your business will make the move to the cloud, but “when?”.

The Public Cloud delivers a responsive and scalable environment for business applications, at a lower overall cost than hosting privately. But in such a fast-growing area, with a wealth of options, choosing the right Cloud services for your business can be difficult.

Stellar’s business intelligence strategy service includes designing and planning Cloud adoption roadmaps for BI. Our team is constantly evaluating Public Cloud services and has the expertise to design a solution that fits your needs – whether it’s 100% Cloud-based, or a hybrid approach that combines on-premises and Cloud solutions – to get the most out of your data and analytics.

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