Integrating data solutions into your business can be hugely beneficial – if you are well prepared. How can Stellar consulting help get the journey underway?

While every organisation can benefit from data and analytics (or Business Intelligence) tools, not all organisations will have the necessary infrastructure in place to support them. Stellar’s Seven Essentials for Success model outlines the key People, Process, Data and Technology steps required to successfully integrate data and analytics or business intelligence (BI) initiatives within an enterprise.

When organisations don’t prepare adequately, any data-driven initiative has a higher risk of failure. Often through a lack of user adoption. Many data and analytics leaders we speak to aren’t sure where to start with data-driven initiatives. So, they start by looking at tools. Organisations can very rarely solve data-driven initiatives by acquiring tools in search of success.

Preparing for a successful BI strategy

Stellar works with organisations to assist in understanding the business outcomes. It helps organisation to change processes and culture and increase the ability to be creative with solutions.

When devising any strategy, the first question to ask is whether your organisation can adopt the initiatives that support the strategy. For many New Zealand organisations that Stellar work with, preparing for the future state involves benchmarking where the organisation currently sits. This is usually a current state assessment. It is undertaken in parallel with a future state definition, to develop a roadmap of their journey.

While they’re ultimately one of the enablers, the technical tools themselves are only a final step of the assessment. After all, without the supporting elements – people, process and data the technology will have little impact.  If the technical components are installed and configured without business engagement then their use will likely be poorly defined, based on poor data management practices and unlikely to be adopted en-masse.

Engaging business teams and reiterating the value of the initiatives will establish the foundations of a data-driven culture that modern enterprises need. This fosters the establishment of processes based on shared information and collaboration. So, it has a better chance of generating performance insight that the business value.

Once the people and processes align with the strategy, the strategic focus shifts towards the organisations ability to integrate and make sense of the data. This data will form the basis of the end solution, so needs to be well defined and accessible. With the help of processes for cleansing and integration, organisations can transform raw data into consistent, usable information. So, they can manage and support the information easily. This is especially so in modern enterprises that are rapidly embracing “as-a-service” applications.

The benefits of BI consulting

The preparation phase of any data-driven initiative is going to be imperative to a successful outcome. To assist New Zealand’s businesses with their digital and data strategies, Stellar Consulting provides an assessment of enterprise capability across the four areas outlined above.

Working with your team, our consultants look at where you want to move to, as an organisation. Together we devise a clear roadmap for your data-driven journey. We also look to optimise an organisations current offering. We look for opportunities where people, processes, data and technologies can be improved. If your organisation is ready to make the leap, get in touch with Stellar Consulting today.