Business intelligence systems offer a range of productivity and efficiency benefits. If the organisations understand how to access them.

With some new solutions promising business value, there can be a lack of clarity around what the specific benefits are. It’s all very well to say enterprises need innovative new tools. However, without knowing the why and how then getting the necessary cross-organisational buy-in can be a challenge.

To get the full value from business intelligence solutions, the trust gap must be bridged. So, how do BI tools improve productivity and efficiency for New Zealand businesses and prove their value for leaders? BI tools help enterprises generate accurate insights with speed and agility.

Increasing speed to insight

The more data you can integrate into your BI and analytics, the more accurate and useful the insights will be. That said, the volume and variety of data that modern businesses have access to, and the speed at which it is generated can make capturing all that information incredibly difficult.

Allowing automated discovery tools of BI solutions to do their work reduces the input workload of your IT team

Allowing the automated discovery tools of BI solutions to do their work reduces the input workload of any IT team. For instance, it lets them focus on analysis rather than collection and sorting. The efficiency of automation can increase the scope of data collection and allow the integration of information from additional sources.

Reducing error and risk

Data analysis is essential to understand business risk. However, only accurate reporting can help your organisation navigate the complex world of risk, and even small errors can derail a carefully plotted strategy.

Spreadsheets may have several users; however, they are inadequate for conducting modern risk assessment and analysis. Intuitive dashboards and visualisations in today’s BI tools have usurped traditional data processes. They make the process much more efficient, accurate and user-friendly.

Improved collaboration with intelligence tools

Business intelligence systems are designed with sharing in mind. In other words, they make data accessible to any department that wants to derive value from it.

Opening collaboration avenues within New Zealand’s businesses is a critical element in building the trust BI tools need to function. Stellar Consulting has the expertise to establish your enterprise’s BI technology platform and ensure your team understands how to unlock its full value.

How to use business intelligence to increase sales and productivity: