For more than eleven years, Stellar Consulting Group has been helping New Zealand’s best-known companies and non-profits – as well as government ministries, agencies and local bodies – make sense of their data.

We’re honoured to work with the who’s who of New Zealand organisations (including those shown above), representing a wide range of industries.

Our consultants provide independent, expert advice on all things data and analytics, drawing on their extensive experience with the industry’s most powerful tools.

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But being Data Analytics experts is far from the whole story.

Stellar takes a holistic approach to data, and our engagements adhere to our Seven Essentials model. This ensures that your data analytics solution will be more than just brilliantly designed. It will be delivered on time and in budget. And it will do exactly what we said it would, so that your team will want to start using it to make your operations more efficient, better serve your customers, and find new opportunities for growth.

7 Essentials of BI Success

Stellar’s first customer, in 2008, was Vitaco, formed through the merger of Nutra-Life and Healtheries. Stellar helped the new company amalgamate its two legacy ERP systems.

Fonterra, Trustpower and Toyota followed soon after, and all of these developed into long-term relationships with Stellar.

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Our award-winning team now covers all of New Zealand, and they’re ready to work with you and your organisation to make 2020 your best year ever.

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