Michael Ford has recently joined Stellar Consulting Group as a Business Intelligence Consultant. An Auckland native, Michael is looking forward to joining the team at Stellar’s Wellington office once the COVID-19 lockdown eases.

Michael will be working with Stellar customer New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) on their ambitious Asset Management Data Standard project. The project will help local councils and central government further improve the management and coordination of major infrastructure projects. It will make it easier to share data by standardising data formats. So the decision-makers will have improved insights on road safety, costs and future planning. “I am very excited to work on a project where all of New Zealand has a stake in its success,” says Michael.

Michael joins Stellar from Tauranga where he worked on data analytics, business improvement and product ownership at Trustpower.

Starting as a software engineering graduate, he became well versed in the energy and telco industries. Now he is looking forward to applying his skills as a consultant.

“I love the freedom to work across different industries,” he says, “and to help people with their data and decision making.”

Luke Turnbull, Stellar’s regional General Manager, says: “Michael comes equipped with a good grasp of data concepts. He has strong analytical skills, gets the big picture and he’s also level-headed, so we’re chuffed that he’s joining our team here in Wellington.”