Asking questions is good! And Microsoft’s Power BI makes it really easy for users to ask questions in plain language when viewing Power BI reports.

Now, Power BI is going a step further, by extending natural language processing to follow-up questions.

The Power BI blog offers some examples of follow-up questions now recognised by Power BI:

Modifications of the original question

Original Question: How many Chicago customers bought green products?

Follow up: What about red products?


Original Question: Which Chicago customers bought green products?

Follow up: Show Seattle customers instead

New, but related questions

Original Question: Count the Seattle customers

Follow up: What did they buy last year?


Original Question: Which Seattle customers bought discontinued red products?

Follow up: What is the average price of those products?

Augmentations of the original question

Original Question: Count the customers

Follow up: Group by city


Original Question: List the products

Follow up: Sort by total sales, descending

You can enable natural language questions in Power BI reports by going to the Buttons menu and clicking Q&A.

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Power BI has also added the ability of use the Q&A tool with cloud models that use Row-Level Security.

“This new capability involves security at all layers. In addition to standard prevention of access to restricted data, Q&A refuses to even acknowledge the existence of that data.”

» Find out more about RLS in cloud models.

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